Our Mission and Philosophy

Our Cause

The COVID-19 pandemic has massively impacted the world, including here in Canada. In our attempts to manage existing and potential COVID-19 patients, frontline healthcare providers are facing an imminent shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) without which we risk transmission of the disease to other patients, ourselves, our colleagues, and our families.

We are a grassroots organization of physicians and advocates, partnering with 105 Gibson Centre, CAA Club Group and Lausanne Movement, to create a large-scale mask donation drive to bring masks to frontline healthcare providers at hospitals, community sites and long-term care facilities across Toronto and the GTA.


What WDo

We aim to be transparent in regards to our mission and goal. Our goal is to source masks available from the community through the generosity of individuals and businesses or directly through PPE suppliers. As the masks come in, our plan is to prioritize our donations to hospitals most in need of PPE, and in particular, units where medical staff have high exposure to COVID-19 positive patients. We have a distribution model that is based on the ethical principle of maximizing benefit to society by first protecting those that can provide the greatest good.

Frontline medical workers such as paramedics, physicians, and nurses are highly trained and compassionate but limited members of society. As we have seen across the world, many at the medical frontlines will test positive without proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Currently, many hospitals across Canada must conserve their limited supplies by rationing and allowing use by staff in the most severe units.

We understand that not every facility will be able to directly benefit from our approach but in a pandemic, we have increasingly difficult choices ahead of us: which patients to save, how to protect our colleagues and families, particularly when we are not equipped to protect ourselves. We hope that if we have surplus supplies, we will be able to outfit every hospital, long term care institution, and community clinic with masks.